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  • Alcohol of food grain 96,6%
Alcohol of food grain 96,6%
  • Alcohol of food grain 96,6%

Alcohol of food grain 96,6%

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Realization of alcohol of food grain.

Sending across the territory of Ukraine any post services, with cash on delivery (payment when receiving) or on an advance payment.

Alcohol packing:

  • 5 l. 
  • 10 l. 
  • 20 l.
  • 60 l. 
  • 100 l.


      Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, metilkarbinol, wine alcohol or alcohol, it is frequent in a popular speech just "alcohol") — one-atomic alcohol with a formula C2H5OH (an empirical formula C2H6O), other option: CH3-CH2-OH, the second representative of a homological number of one-atomic alcohols, under standard conditions flying, combustible, colourless transparent liquid.
     The operating component of alcoholic beverages being a depressant — the psychoactive agent oppressing the central nervous system of the person.
     Ethyl alcohol is also used as fuel, as solvent as a filler in spirit thermometers and as disinfectant (or as its component).

The alcohol arriving from bragorektifikatsionny installation (BRU) is not waterless, the content of ethanol in it to 95,6%. Depending on content of foreign impurity in it, it is divided into the following categories:

  • Alpha

  • Luxury

  • Extra

  • basis

  • the highest cleaning

  • 1 grade


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.12.2017

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